The independent movement of the associative forces of Lyon 3 University aims at the cooperation of student associations of the university, and open the participation of students in the political life of the faculty.



The list is supported by a multiple associations, including transversal associations : Jean Moulin Post, RED (Together democrats students), E-sport Lyon 3, LYF, ALyon-nous (feminist association). The MIFA is also gathering leaders project : the student newspaper (Jean Moulin Post), the cause of feminism (ALyon-nous), the orientation and the network of students of law and political science (ADSP) , and many other diverse causes ... The MIFA candidates have a real will to engage, they do not just defend their acquired seats. They have nothing to lose !


A personalized course

> Creation of a Free Learning Unit (U.E.L.) that can accommodate the student commitment in various aspects : internships, MOOCs, associative commitment, additional language learning, optional additional courses from other faculties.

> Optimization of language learning in law school : more languages, more hours, more facilities.

> Optimization of schedules for the start of the internship : flexible schedules, validate ECTS credits by starting internships.

> Improvement of the Personalized Professional Pathway (P.P.P.) on the entire license of law, and not on a single semester, for an optimized coherence and follow-up.

Daily university

> Improvement of communication, especially administrative, on the schedules and places of courses, semi-partial, examinations: systematic use of the intranet by the administration and relay by your student representatives, intranet application allowing push notifications on smartphones.

> Implementation and enhancement of the use of Drives and sharing of lecture's note and online course notes.

> Setting up a microwave space for quick lunch breaks.

Accessible and transparent university

> Establishment of regular student consultations: surveys, opinions, ideas boxes. Your representatives will be keen to know the opinions of the students before debating on the faculty council.

> Establishment of a common charter for all the teachers of lectures to be communicated to the students at the beginning of the semester: notation, dates of the exams, modalities of examination, modalities of notation,... to avoid unpleasant surprises and allow a better organization !



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